DeadBeats - Kunundrums Feat. Zom B. Prepper (Prod. by Dan the Underdog)


DeadBeats - StankFace Feat. Ben Iota (Prod. by Cool Poindexter)


DeadBeats - Now Rockin It Feat. Masta Marx


Dan the Underdog - Old Earth


Dan the Underdog - 16 x 16's

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DeadBeats - Album Intro


Dan the Underdog - Hypocrite


Dan the Underdog VS AfterThought

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NT Hip Hop - The Documentary 


Dan the Underdog - Tha Rawlest Record Release Party Live

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Dan the Underdog - Broaden City Rapper Tag #2

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Dan the Underdog - Zebrahead


Otis Ooruck, Lil J, Dan N Dee - Rap Music

This is one we made for CAAMA Records' Hip Hopportunity Project


Catch The Fly - Global Battle Of The Bands Live

Catch The Fly came in 2nd @ Global Battle Of The Bands - Australasian Finals 2011