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DeadBeats is made up of Dan the Underdog & Threat3, both artists are MC's and producers and collaborate on the beats and the rhymes. The concept of DeadBeats was that Dan the Underdog would add to Threat3's unfinished instrumentals, breathing life into otherwise dead beats, Threat would do the same to Dan's, the bangers would then get murdered... lyrically speaking. Dan the Underdog is an Adelaide born MC who grew up in Buffalo, New York. He moved back to Australia in 2004 and linked up with Threat3 who had already been a fixture in the Northern Territory Hip Hop scene for some time. The 2 worked together on projects in Darwin with TASK, Teknikal Onslaught, ACID and Northern Versifiers. When Threat3 moved to QLD, the 2 decided to work on the album via the internet, Dan eventually moved over too and they completed the project.